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Joseph Jongen and his Organ Music (Paperback): A Performer's Guide (The Complete Organ)

John Scott Whitely. Joseph Jongen and his Organ Music (Paperback): A Performer's Guide (The Complete Organ) Authors:John Scott Whitely.
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Book Summary:
Joseph Jongen was Director of the Brussels Conservatoire from 1925 to 1939. He was first and foremost a composer and yet his career as an organist and composer of organ music was remarkable. His Sonata Eroica has become one of the enduring works of the repertory, and the Symphonie Concertante, commissioned by Rodman Wanamaker for the organ of the Philadelphia store, has been considered the finest of all twentieth-century organ concertos. This is the first book ever to appear about Joseph Jongen in any language. It is based on twenty years of research by its author, John Scott Whiteley.Part I traces Jongen's life and achievements as an organist,from his earliest training in Franck's birthplace, Liege, to his exile in England and his final years in Brussels, during which time he headed the team that designed the organ for Belgian Radio. Part II is a guide to the organ music from the points of view of both performer and musicologist. Appendices provide a catalogue of works, a numbering...

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