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Jazz on Film: The Complete Story of the Musicians and Music Onscreen

Scott Yanow. Jazz on Film: The Complete Story of the Musicians and Music Onscreen Authors:Scott Yanow.
Price:2802 rub.

Book Summary:
Book DescriptionJazz on Film reviews, analyzes, and rates virtually every appearance of a jazz musician or singer on film. After presenting a detailed essay on the history of jazz on film and television, Yanow reviews and rates 1,300 movies, documentaries, shorts, videos, and DVDs. These include rare shorts from the 1920s, big-budget Hollywood films, independent productions, soundies, transcriptions made especially for television, semi-fictional movie biographies, concert films, documentaries, and many additional items. Jazz on Film shows readers how to view the jazz legends and the greats of today, and which DVDs and videos are worth acquiring. Each film is given a 1 to 10 rating and a concise description of its contents and value. Jazz on Film covers the entire jazz field, from Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wynton Marsalis, and Diana Krall. This informative book will prove invaluable to jazz and film enthusiasts and...

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