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Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films

Christine Lee Gengaro. Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films Authors:Christine Lee Gengaro.
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Book Summary:
The musical scores of Stanley Kubrickís films are often praised as being innovative and forward-looking. Despite playing such an important part in his productions, however, the ways in which Kubrick used music to great effect is still somewhat mysterious to many viewers. Although some viewers may know a little about the music in 2001 or A Clockwork Orange, few are aware of the particulars behind the music in Kubrick's other films.In Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films, Christine Lee Gengaro provides an in-depth exploration of the music that was composed for Kubrickís films and places the pre-existent music he utilized into historical context. Gengaro discusses the music in every single work, from Kubrickís first films, including the documentary shorts The Flying Padre and Day of the Fight, through all of his feature films, from Fear and Desire to Eyes Wide Shut. No film is left out; no cue is ignored.Besides closely examining the scores composed by Gerald Fried for...

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