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The Professional Musician's Internet Guide

Ron Simpson. The Professional Musician's Internet Guide Authors:Ron Simpson.
Price:8761 rub.

Book Summary:
The opportunities for musicians to market and sell their music on the Internet have never been greater than they are today. This book levels the playing field by giving every musician the opportunity to promote and sell their music to a global audience. It addresses the various technical issues (Mac and Windows) today's musicians face preparing and uploading their music to a website, and includes details on how they can get the biggest websites to notice their songs. An accompanying CD-ROM provides helpful HTML templates and audio test files (in various web-ready formats) that allow musicians to upload and test web audio files from a free web hosting site, set up e-commerce music sites, and much more. The bible for musicians wishing to take advantage of all of the opportunities the Internet offers for promotion, sale and distribution of music!

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